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About Santa Clara California.

Named after the Santa Clara mission, Santa Clara is a county in California, US. It is one of the populated counties in California with a population of about 1,781,642, with an ethnic composition of 836,616 as per the 2010 census. This is because of San Jose city that is the 3rd populated city in California and the 10th in the United States.

Santa Clara California is the home to the hub of technology also known as the Silicon Valley. This makes Santa Clara the world’s economic center having the third greatest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the globe. The tech industry has made its economy grow well making it one of the most prosperous regions in America.

One of the attraction sites in the city is the McGrath State Beach which is a well-known place for bird-watching.

The green riverbanks of the Santa Clara River as well as the sand dunes at the shore form simply the appropriate habitat for the birds. In addition, there is a nature track meant for hiking, and two miles of seashore for fishing, swimming or surfing. The site is situated near located near Ventura. Other known regional attractions comprise the Triton Museum of art, which has a huge collection of American and American Indian art and the Harris-Lass Historic Museum, which was initially established in 1865 and it is recognized as the last farm locality in Santa Clara.

From 1992, Santa Clara County has been known to be solidly Democratic for both the congressional and presidential elections. Ronald Reagan is the last Republican to attain a majority in the county in 1984. Nevertheless, similar to the other Bay Area, it swayed massively to the Democrats in the 1990s nationwide. While Republicans persisted to be aggressive at the local and state level for the rest of the 1990s, there are no chosen Republicans serving notable parts of the county beyond the county level.