San Jose Home Appraisals

The City of San Jose is the Capital of Silicon Valley and Appraisals Only, Residential Real Estate Appraisers are experts in providing real estate appraisals for homes within the City of San Jose. Appraisals Only recognizes the  City of San Jose is  comprised of 14 distinct neighborhoods plus  many sub districts, has 13 different elementary school districts and 5 High School Districts,  with a population of over 990,000 residents of which 400,000 plus are students.

Our appraisers know the City of San Jose  offers many places for its residents to gather and enjoy life whether it be civic  arts, entertainment, sports, dining or shopping a resident of San Jose can find what they are looking for.  To name a few,  some of the most popular and well known places and events in San Jose for its residents to gather  include the Civic Center, Xmas in the Park,  Santana Row, the SAP Center, Avaya Stadium, Westfield Valley Fair,  Westfield Oakridge, San Jose Muni Golf, the Turkey Trot, and  Lake Cunningham Water slides and Skate park.

Our appraisers are well aware when completing residential valuations they must consider a homes location within the City of San Jose and its school district to provide accurate valuations.   In addition, consideration of local employment  and its impact on local market conditions is a crucial factor in any appraisal assignment and the  City of San Jose’s main economic engine continues to be driven forward by the  technology industry companies which are located within Santa Clara County. The local technology companies with their cutting edge innovation, draw  investors well as the most talented and gifted employees from the around  the world into the region, driving a demand for real estate in the Silicon Valley .

When the workday is done,  the  residents of the City of  San Jose  can find the type of neighborhood they are looking for whether they desire to live in an urban area,  walking distance to it all, a suburban area, a short jaunt to your local neighborhood strip mall or a rural area, where residents can stretch their legs, residents can find the home they want  where they  want it , in San Jose for the right price. Our real estate appraisers  understand the type of ownership and style of home which the City of San Jose Residents  live in, whether it be a condominium,  townhouse, detached single family home or a sprawling estate,  and apply there experience to provide accurate and quality appraisal reports for  the customer.

The city of San Jose is a rich and diverse community and know if you hire Appraisals Only, Residential Real Estate Appraisers to complete and appraisal valuation on your home in San Jose that you are hiring an expert  and that the job will be done right the first time.  To contact us for a free quote call 408.229.1169 or use the contact us here.