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An Overview Of Palo Alto California.

Palo Alto is a city that is governed by the city’s own government located 14 miles north of San Jose and 35 miles south of San Francisco, California. The term Palo Alto is a Spanish name whose meaning is a tall tree. The city is a part of San Francisco Metropolitan area and Silicon Valley, located within borders of San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.


According to the latest census, the city’s population was 64, 403. Something that you should note is that this city is among the most expensive cities to live in the US and its population comprises of highly educated residents in the country.


Palo Alto city is more than one hundred years old, and it was named after a majestic 1000-year-old tree (coastal redwood) which was along San Francis Quito Creek the settlement of early Spanish explorers. You will also find that many names used in Palo Alto California to represent local heritage, former residents and descriptive terms are Spanish. Historically, the city boasts a residential and business areas environment that is anchored by a vibrant unique downtown character.


The city consists of two broad land parcels connected by a long passage. The section in the southern inland part of the city is rural, hilly and less populated. The northern region of the city is densely populated bordering San Francis Quito creek to the north. According to USCB, the city has an area of 25.8 squares miles of which 23.9 square miles is dry land and the other is water.

Local attraction

The local attractions in Palo Alto California include the following:
  • Cantor arts center
  • The Stanford theatre
  • The Stanford shopping center
  • Hoover tower
  • Rodin sculpture garden
  • Junior museum and zoo
  • Hewlett Packard garage
  • Computer history museum
  • The museum of American heritage
  • Stanford University


The modes of transportation include the following:
  • Roads
  • Rails
  • Air
  • Bus
  • Cycling
  • Walking