For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Appraisals

California has some of the most expensive real estate in the world and you need the best value in determining how much your home is worth. A For Sale By Owner Appraisal from an experienced California real estate appraiser will make selling your home easier. The age of your home, the square footage and other elements of your home will help in determining the selling points for your home. Getting a great appraiser who can determine a Fair Market Value for your home will give you less anxiety as the offers come pouring in.

Why Choose a FSBO Appraisal

There is an old saying that the price of the home is whatever the buyer is interested in paying. And while this is true, the Fair Market Value of the home, as determined by the real estate appraiser, plays a big part in what the buyer is willing to pay. When the buyer sees the valuation, it gives him an idea of what he can pay to get a fair deal on the price of the home. The impact of the appraisal carries much weight and will often impact the buyer to pay more than he otherwise would have.

How a FSBO Appraisal Works

A great real estate appraiser will come in and assess your home. He/She will look at any unique features that will add value to your home, take interior and exterior pictures, look at the square footage of your home, the age of your home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms and prepare a written report to verify the things he observed for the appraisal. This will help you as the buyers approach you with questions about your home. You will be prepared to answer anything they want to know about the home, because you hired a great California real estate appraiser who understood the value of your home and was able to put pen to paper.

Appraisals Only specializes in real estate appraisals for homeowners that want to sell a home on their own without a real estate agent. This is the way homeowners go when they feel that the commission that agents charge is something that they can avoid. This is especially true in a hot market. Homeowners that decide to order an appraisal at the start of the FSBO process are a step ahead of other sellers since they can get a clear understanding of the value of their home, in its current condition. Appraisals Only offers special pricing for FSBO Appraisals so call today to get a quote!